Month: January 2015


I love eating noodles, like pancit canton, bihon and also instant noodles, especially Lucky Me Spicy Hot Mami. My most favorite is Lomi of Tanay, Rizal. They call it Lomi Batangas but I’ve tasted Lomi Batangas somewhere else and they don’t have the same taste. I’ve spent mostly of my childhood in Tanay before we moved in different provinces and came back when I was in High School. Back then, I usually eat Lomi after class with my classmates and sometimes even during weekends when I wanted to have some snack with my brothers, we will go out and look for the nearest carinderia that sells Lomi.

When we moved to Laguna I’ve tried almost every restaurant that I could find that sells Lomi to check if it taste the same as the Lomi in Tanay and I found none.

Earlier this year, me and my brother Gabby decided to go to Tanay just to eat Lomi. Good thing my other brother Macky lives there during that time. I still remember how we got lost when we were dropped off on the center of Antipolo. I’m not familiar with the place so we really spent some time asking people how we can get to the main road and hail a jeepney going to Tanay.

We arrived late at night and immediately look for Lomi. We found one near the corner of P. Burgos and M. H. del Pilar St. and it’s open for 24 hours. We ordered 2 Lomi special. The only difference between Lomi regular and special was the serving size. Special was twice the servings of 2 regular Lomi. I remembered that some of my classmates before would order a special and just borrow bowl and divide the servings in half to save money. A special order was 25PhP and regular 15PhP.

We spent the night on my brother’s place and the following day went in Tanay Dike (Laguna Lake). Of course we ate Lomi again before we left. This time in 4 Sister Lomi House and it tasted really really great. I think it’s one of the original Lomi house in Tanay.

I’ve decided to write about Lomi because I’m craving again. From what my mother told me, my brother will go back in Tanay anytime this year or probably earlier next year. That means I’ll have a place to stay again in case I’ll decide to go there. That’s all for now. If you wanted to taste the best Lomi ever, I recommend going to Tanay, Rizal. This town is very accessible especially if you live on the eastern side of Metro Manila.






Things that I’m Grateful for, for the Last 7 Months


When I started working again last June 2014, I decided that I wanted to try a lot of things. Like going to different restaurants and different places. Unfortunately, my salary is not enough for me to buy the things that I want and won’t take me to different places. I’m so thankful to God that I still managed to enjoy the last 7 months. I’ve learned a lot of things from hair color, hair care, shaving, oral care and it was the first time as well that I handled email and social media. I also experienced owning a rechargeable toothbrush and even tried to put an Ivory soap in a bucket full of water just to check if it will float. Just had a few good friends though, an Indian and a Filipino raised in Malaysia but they’re one of the best buddies that I had at work. Since I have two new generous friends I was able to go to different restaurants with them and even on malls that I don’t usually go to though I only share a small amount of money (my pay is really small compared to both of them). I will write about those places and restaurants in the future God willing.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you the small things that made me happy for the last 7 months.

1. I was able to work with one of the biggest company in the world.

2. First time that I handled 3 countries ( Australia, New Zealand and Philippines ).

3. First time to work on a multilingual account.

4. First time to buy a dress in Forever 21 (still won’t fit).

5. First time to watch UNTV Cup’s Opening in MOA Arena.

6. First to watch UNTV Cup in UMAK’s Gym and in Ynares Gym.

Hahaha… There’s a lot. I can’t write all of them now.

My First Dinner in Ayala Triangle (Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters)


I really love the ambiance in Ayala Triangle and envy those people who are jogging, walking with their pet and even those who’s just sitting there while texting. There’s a couple of restaurants and tonight I went to Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters. I ordered pork sisig and didn’t order some drinks and just asked for a glass of water but none was given when the order was served, they only gave me water when I’m about to finish eating. I tried not to think on how bad the service was since I wanted to enjoy the night but I heard on a nearby table 2 ladies complaining how bad it is. I’m still thinking if I’ll go back on that restaurant. I stayed in Ayala Triangle for almost half an hour before I went to WFMA talk tonight.

Start of my CC Life

I started in the Call Center industry at the age of 20 way back 2008. I don’t have any plans then in working as a Call Center Agent. I applied in Enchanted Kingdom (I forgot the exact name of the position) as someone assisting the customers but I have to wait 3 months before the start date and the pay is really small (less than 300Php).


One day while browsing the web, I end up on and saw the post of NCO (EGS) and found out that they’re accepting High School graduates. I only finished a year in College back then and I’m not good in typing and I’m not confident. I didn’t make it in NCO but it gave me an idea how the hiring process goes in this industry. I’m a Call Center Agent for 4 years now and I was able to study bit by bit, now I’m a 3rd year undergraduate of AB Psychology in Jose Rizal University. The money that I worked for goes to my studies and to my siblings education too. I’m thankful that there’s a lot of Call Centers here in the Philippines. At least Undergraduates like me can earn a decent amount.
I’ve learned a lot on my first company, of course I’ve learned how to pronounce the name of all the states in the US, learned a bit about US history and learned how to do some shortcuts, like Ctrl + C, Ctrl + F and Ctrl + V. I’ll write more blogs about my Call Center experiences soon.

Frustrated Writer

I always wanted to become a writer since I was a child but since I haven’t finished my studies I don’t have the confidence to write. I end up as a Call Center Agent and I even have a hard time staying in one company for a year. Maybe, I just don’t love my job that much. I started to create my own blog in way back in 2009 but I lost the momentum. As the year 2014 ends, I spent the last few days thinking about the things that I wanted to do this 2015.


I was advised by my friend/mentor to write my goals and I even read about writing goals a lot of times from different books and from different blogs. I always write my goals since I was a teenager and looking back very few of them was accomplished. I was taught in our Church that if there’s something that I really want, I have to pray hard and work hard for it and to avoid telling it to anyone since the devil will hinder me in reaching my goals especially if the things that I want has something to do with my spiritual life.


I’m writing this blog not to write down my goals this year but to share to you the things that I’ve learned and the experiences that I had, that gave me the determination to reach my goals. I’m nothing and I hope that my nothingness can be of purpose to anyone.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog for 2015.