Month: January 2016

Trip to Mindoro and Romblon

Jan. 28

I made sure that my sickness won’t hinder me with my plans. After the minor surgery (sty removal) in St. Luke’s, I decided to sleep first then packed my bags. I also bought dalandan for my baon.
I left my boarding house at 6:30 pm and ate dinner in KFC-Ayala MRT at 7:30 pm.

I took a bus going to Alabang and dropped off at the South Station Terminal and took another bus going to Batangas port. I get off the car in Diversion Road because I still need to go to Church and attend the 11:30 pm batch. The fare was so expensive, it was like Uber with surge pricing. Going to the Church by tricycle cost 80Php and it was just less than 2 kilometers. If it was not late, I would really dare to walk.

Too sad, we don’t have an 11:30 pm batch, so I just decided to go to the port and just spend my time looking around. The fare going there was 80Php.
There’s a free shuttle for the passengers during the night. However, it’s only available for Senior Citizens and PWD during day time.



I bought a Fastcat ticket and beside their booth was a person selling van tickets going to different towns in Mindoro. I bought one since I’m planning to ride a boat from Roxas to Odiongan. After paying the fee, I had my midnight snack and my eye cleansed while waiting at the terminal. There was a slight delay on boarding the boat but I think we still managed to leave the port on time.



Mostly of the passengers bought van tickets. However, weren’t complete yet on our van, so we’ve waited for around 20 minutes. There were annoying/complaining passengers and I was quite pissed that’s why it took me a long time before I was able to sleep.



(Batangas Port terminal at night. I’m not able to take a picture of the other passengers because they might not like it.)

7:40 am

I arrived in Roxas, Mindoro and there were dispatchers for the ferry going to Boracay. I talked to the guard and I was told that there’s no boat going to Odionangan for that day. It turned out, there’s only 2 boats traveling that route.

The boat coming from Odiongan on that day will travel back the following day. Therefore, I don’t have the time to wait and stay.

I decided to eat lomi first before I took a tricycle going to the van terminal.

8:45 am

It took awhile before we took off. Since I haven’t had enough sleep, I slept on our way to Calapan. I woke up from time to time and listened to the stories of the locals about the damaged caused by the recent typhoon that hit Mindoro.

1:00 pm

We’re supposed to leave the port at exactly 1pm but the ship only started moving around 1:20pm.

I enjoyed the view on the Mindoro port. I also loved watching the waves and seeing the beautiful island between Batangas and Mindoro.

I’ve already removed the cover on my right eye, so I won’t have difficulty seeing the view.



-> island between batangas and mindoro




Click here for more photos.




~the end~

28th Birthday


My 28th birthday celebration was so simple. I just went home in Laguna and requested sinigang na hito and inihaw na tilapia for lunch.



I ate a lot of hito during lunch so the tilapia and pancit became my packed lunch.


I’ve only slept for almost 5 hours and my eyes was so painful when I woke up. I even had difficulty opening my eyes because of my sty. I still went to work but was sent home by our company nurse.


This book from Peachy was the only gift that I received on my birthday. My mother’s gift was given in advance last December. It was a Sophie Martin wallet.

This was one of my simplest birthday and a disastrous one, too. Anyway, I don’t want to write about the negative things that happened. My gift to myself was a trip to Mindoro and Romblon at the end of this month, so I can spend some time with my best friend.

~the end~

Plans and Checklist

Things to Learn/Practice

1. Dancing
2. Skating
3. Bowling
4. Mountain Climbing
5. Swimming
6. Running
7. Mixed Martial Arts
8. Diving

Places to Visit

1. Calapan, Mindoro – Done
2. Alcantara, Romblon – Done
3. Baguio City – Done
4. Cebu City – Done
5. Bukidnon
6. Infanta, Quezon
7. Dinapigue, Isabela
8. Calaguas Island, Vinzons, Camarines Norte
9. Casiguran, Aurora – Done
10. Puerto Galera, Mindoro
11. Coron, Palawan
12. El Nido, Palawan
13. Puerto Princesa, Palawan
14. Romblon, Romblon
15. Caramoan
16. Boracay, Aklan
17. Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte
18. Davao City
19. Dapitan, Zamboanga
20. Ilocos Province
21. Hundred Island, Alaminos, Pangasinan


1. Singapore
2. Thailand
3. Malaysia
4. Indonesia
5. Australia
6. New Zealand
7. Japan
8. South Korea
9. Brazil
10. Hong Kong

Things to buy:

  1. AC
  2. Laptop – Done
  3. DSLR
  4. GoPro
  5. Tent
  6. Printer, Scanner, Photocopying Machine
  7. Agricultural Lot in Romblon

To Do List

1. Get a passport
2. Be active on Twitter and Instagram
3. Always write on my journal
4.Pass Civil Service and LET Exams

Uncle Indo’s Funeral – Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija

January 8, 2016 – I was at the gym when I read about my uncle’s death on Facebook. I immediately texted my mother and thought that I was the first one to inform her. It turned out she already knew about it and was crying when she received my message.


I tried to file for an emergency leave but was told by my TL that we don’t have that type of leave so I just informed him that I will not report to work on the 13th to attend the funeral.

I can’t remember when was the last time that I went to Gabaldon and I’ve never tried commuting to get there.

I took the ES bus to Cabanatuan and immediately asked someone how to get to Gabaldon when I arrived on the terminal. Good thing, while the person I’d asked tried to point where was the terminal, a jeepney going to Gabaldon passed by.

It was a long journey. Since I didn’t know where to go. I told the conductor to drop me off in Ligaya, Gabaldon. After almost 2 hours he informed me that we’re already in Ligaya.

The street was so dark and scary.                             IMG_20160130_154937_053.JPG


(Me, Mama and my younger cousin.)


(My Lolo with his sisters and sister in-law.)