Month: July 2016

My First Laptop


My laptop was bought last July 25, 2016 on the same shop in Gilmore where I bought my brother’s laptop last year. It’s the same type and can also be used in Auto-cad. The only difference is that mine has a webcam while my brother’s doesn’t.

I bought it for only 9,900 pesos which is 600 peso less than the cost of my brother’s laptop. Actually, I’ve just shown them my brother’s receipt and informed them that I want exactly the same. I’m planning to use this in freelancing and in learning IT and programming that’s why I really need a computer with high specs. Honestly, I don’t understand much about hardware stuffs but I’ll definitely study it and write a blog on new things that I’m learning.

For now, I’m too excited to learn how to use photoshop and master powerpoint presentations. I’ve also checked my online TESDA account and their slides work. I’m also satisfied with the speed of my Sun Cellular’s pocket WiFi in my bedroom. It was slow on peak hours but then it exceeded my expectations because before the connection here in Laguna was really poor that I need to go outside or wait until 1 am just to have a better connection.


Air21 – Worst Courier I’ve Ever Encountered

Air21 – Worst Courier I’ve Ever Encountered

I’ve had my Security Bank credit card replaced and used my office address for the delivery. It was a disaster. I’ve called SB hotline and checked the status and was told that it was sent through FedEx. I’ve tried to use the tracking number that they provided and it didn’t work. I’ve posted a lot of tweets and sent an email and Security Bank responded on both.

They apologized and informed me that the courier was Air21. However, the tracking number that they provided wasn’t working. It turned out Air21 had a delay in posting the details. I was waiting for our HR to send me an email once Air21 arrived but didn’t receive any.  I got sick and wasn’t able to work for about a month and when I called SB (after sending email, tweeting and sending FB messages to Air21)they told me that Air21 will still try to send me my card though I missed it for about 2 weeks.

I’ve decided to just pick up the card and went to the nearest Air21 branch in our office (Market Market). There’s no one on the stall, just a message that they’ll be back soon (forgot the exact message). When the person in charge arrived, I’ve asked where they’re placing the documents that weren’t received by the consignee. I was told that it was in Merville and I need to call they’re hotline first. He has a landline there but didn’t even bother to call their hotline on my behalf.

I’ve tried to call their hotline and wasted 10 minutes in total and no one was answering my call. Since I’m using my cellphone I’ve finally decided to just go to their warehouse the next day.

The traffic going to Bicutan from Alabang was a nightmare. I’ve spent almost 3 hours from our house in Binan and when I get there the delivery truck already left. I’ve informed the lady guard that I’ll just be back the next day to pick up my credit card. I’ve had my follow-up checkup on the same day and since it was finished early I’ve decided to just go to the office and wait for the delivery. I was waiting from 2pm to 5pm and no one arrived. Since Merville is not out of my way home, I went there to get my card instead of waiting until the next day. My card was already at their warehouse and they didn’t want to give it to me because of their policy that the card needs to be delivered at our office. It’s a ridiculous process for me but I understood it when I’ve read another negative feedback about them.

I explained to the dispatcher that I’m on a sick leave and it’s illogical for me to go to the office in Taguig just to get my card while I’m already at their warehouse with 2 valid ID’s. I’ve also informed him that I and our receptionists waited for them and no one came. He said that their record shows that they went to our office around 4pm and I wasn’t there. I didn’t argue any further. I just told him to better educate their guard about their process since I’ve already informed them that I’ll be getting my card the following day. The dispatcher took my mobile number and the time that I’ll be available at our office. I was in a hurry to get my card since I was told that it will be the last attempt then they’ll return it to Security Bank.

I went to our office and double checked with our guard and receptionists about the Air21’s claim and they don’t have any logged and no one saw any mailman/delivery guy.


They’re also putting a Business Closed status though I work in a BPO and our company never closes. Anyway, I don’t have any plans of using this courier ever again if I’ll have other options.