Call Center Agent making money on PTC Sites

I’ve started joining PTC Sites way back 2010 but stopped since I don’t have my own computer. I’ve already lost my credentials on those sites so there’s no way for me to retrieve my old accounts. Now that I have my own laptop, I can start over again.

Mostly of the PTC sites that I’ve joined now were the old ones that I’ve also joined back then. That means that they’ve passed the test of time and that they really pay their users to last that long. Please see the list of the sites that I’ve joined here.

I’ve learned about PTC sites on my first job. I worked as a CSR for an online marketing campaign and at first I didn’t believe that it actually works.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs on how to make money online and I think viewing different websites is the easiest. You can also earn money by joining survey sites but I think that won’t work for me because to do that effectively one must be interested and focus on lots of things.

I think it will be better to have a dual monitor computer in working on PTC sites so at least you can browse multiple sites at the same time if you have multiple windows open and different tabs. It will be great if the internet connection is also fast. Currently, I’m using my Sun Cellular’s pocket WiFi. At times the connection is unreliable during peak hours but I’m planning to have Royal Cable’s internet connected in our house soon.

I’m still looking for other reliable PTC sites to join and some captcha sites (these sites need a fast internet connection). I’m also planning to buy a brand new CPU and connect dual monitors as mentioned above.


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