Preparations in Freelancing

Doing some freelance job is something that I’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time now. I just don’t have the courage to start it before because I was supporting my brother’s studies and I need a stable income. Now that I’m no longer connected to any company, I think its about time to start.

I’ve been in the BPO Industry for about 6 years now and handled technical, consumer relations, email support, social media and customer service campaigns. I know I have the capability to do these jobs again at the comfort of our house. However, I need more time in preparing myself especially the gadgets that I’ll be needing to use.

I’m planning to have a broadband internet connection setup in my room with a 5 mbps speed and another dsl connection on a latter time once the business is already stable. A 3 in 1 printer, scanner, copier is a must as well for paper works. The same with headset and battery backup unit.

I’m also spending a lot of time reading blogs and browsing freelancing sites. I need to have an idea what employers are looking for nowadays and see how other freelancers market themselves out there. I’m searching about the additional skills that I’ll be needing too, especially the ones that I can learn for free online.

While doing these preparations, I’m also busy earning some money on PTC and captcha solving sites. I’m also trying to gain some traffic on my blog that will help me market myself in the long run. I’m trying to be active on my social media accounts too.

I’ll be starting officially God-willing on January 2017, so at least I’ll still have 3 full months to prepare everything.

My NLRC Experience

I thought filing a complaint in NLRC would be very difficult but I was wrong. The government employees there are very accommodating. I won’t discuss the details of my complaint just the process based on my experience.

I went in NLRC Banawe last July. Their Building is just a few steps from McDonalds right in front of Security Bank. If you’ll bring a backpack, you’ll have to leave it the guard but handbag and shoulder bags are okay.

You have to approach the first table that you’ll see once you enter the complaints area (right door at the ground floor). They will give you a form to sign with your complaints, personal and company details. They’ll check it after then you’ll have to submit it on one of their counters for encoding and scheduling. They’ll ask you to have it photocopied including your valid ID.

In my case, they scheduled the SEnA 24 days after my first visit. No one from our company arrived during our SEnA, so the NLRC officer advised me to file an official complaint. They will assign a Labor Arbiter and they’ll ask you to visit his/her office upstairs for scheduling. The Arbiter’s secretary/assistant will give you 2 schedules, mine was 10 days after the SEnA schedule and another 9 days after that. They’re doing it just in case the company won’t arrive on the first meeting with the Arbiter, so at least you’ll have another meeting scheduled right away.

No one from from our company came on our first meeting with the Arbiter and I was late on our second meeting, so the Arbiter had it rescheduled 8 days after the second meeting.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to be continued ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Davao-Bukidnon-Cagayan de Oro Vacation

I have a friend who lives in Bukidnon and way back 2014 when we’re still working together in Manila, she invited me to visit her house someday.

Since I had a vacation in Cebu last summer, I remember my friend’s invitation and she might get upset if I will not visit her.

I decided to go to Davao City first and booked my AirAsia flight last May 30 for only ₱1902.40. The return flight that was booked on May 31 from Cagayan de Oro to Manila with Cebu Pacific cost ₱3586.68.

I wasn’t able to take note of my fares going round the 3 cities that I’ve been to but I will write everything that I can remember.

Flight to Davao August 26: 

My flight to Davao was delayed but it’s okay because if not I wouldn’t have enough time to retrieve my lost UMID (SSS) ID. My attention was called at the airport when they call someone named Nora Acosta. I was so thankful because it’s not easy to get a government ID nowadays.

I arrived in Davao past 6pm and no longer have the time to travel around the city

I booked a night stay through Agoda at Belbern Dormitel for ₱350 plus tax. It its located right in front of Royal Mandaya Hotel. We passed by Roxas Night Market on our way to Belbern and I wanted to get off the taxi to check it out. However, the driver would like to dropped me off first to Belbern and I’ll just return there myself. This happened August 26 which was a week before the bombing and I’m just thankful that it didn’t happen while I was there.

The one that I booked was a shared room for 4 people but I’m the only visitor. The room was clean as well as the comfort room. It also have a clear view of the streets outside and the beautiful Royale Mandaya Hotel and how I wish I can afford to stay there someday.

I was too tired to roam around the city that night, so I just decided to sleep early and just do the sightseeing the next day.

The next morning, I took a bath and used Google maps to see how long do I have to walk to go to the People’s Park. I didn’t take note of the time but I think it was less than 10 minutes.

When I travel, I don’t spend money on expensive restaurants. As much as possible, I buy the same type of food that I usually eat. With that being said, my breakfast that morning was a glass of taho, nilagang saba (banana stew) and maja blanca. I had fun walking around the park and seeing a lot of people dancing. It was the biggest crowd of Zumba dancers I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I think it was Zumba.

I used Google map and follow the route going to the city proper (Poblacion). I went to Taps Restaurant, drink coffee and plan my day. I was supposed to go first to Museo Dabawenyo but it’s still closed, so I decided to go to Crocodile Park first.

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

I took a taxi going to the park since there’s no public transport that goes there directly and I might spend a lot of time walking if I took a jeepney to the main road.

Crocodile Park look like a zoo since they have a lot animals aside from crocodile. They also have a crocodile restaurant but I haven’t tried it, maybe next time once I have someone to look after me in case that I’m allergic to crocodile’s meat.

No automatic alt text available.

Sa may gilid ng park nakapwesto yung mga native houses ng mga taga-Mindanao. May mga nakatira sa mga bahay dun, so malamang galing sila sa iba’t-ibang tribe depende sa klase ng bahay na tinutuluyan nila.

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, sky, bridge, house and outdoor

Kalapit din nung park yung butterfly garden. Malapit as in papawisan lang ng very very light ang singit kapag nilakad.

Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor

First time kong makakita ng stages na pinagdadaanan ng butterfly. Bobo ako sa Biology kaya hindi ako mangangahas gumamit ng terms basta ang masasabi ko ang cute nila.

No automatic alt text available.

Pagkatapos kong gumala sa Park eh nag-taxi na ako ulit pabalik ng city proper at bukas na ang Museo Dabawenyo. Hindi pwede magpicture-picture sa loob kaya yan lang ang picture ko.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to be continued ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Forgiving and Forgetting

Last night, I’ve had a heart to heart talk with my office-mate about health and relationships. Well, I’m writing this blog now because during our conversation I was able to realize some things that I’ve been denying before. One of those things was the reason why I’m always sick these past 2 to 3 years.

After a very painful breakup with my ex last 2011, my father died in 2012. Since I was the eldest child I was burdened with responsibilities and I haven’t had time to grieve and cry my heart out. I can say that I’ve been crying a lot after we broke up but it’s more on how disappointed I am with myself and how much time I’ve wasted and not on how sad I am in losing him.

I was so confused back then on what will I do with my life. I was thinking that I will never be in a relationship again. However, I really wanted to have kids.

We always fight and I always blamed him on every disaster that’s happening to me. It was a relationship that was full of uncertainty and promises that weren’t really meant.

Since I was the type of person who always stick on what she wants or planned to do, I’ve tried so hard to make the relationship work though I know in my heart that he no longer loves me. It was so difficult for me to accept that because I can’t imagine myself without him.

There were a lot of instances that proved that he doesn’t care at all and he just want me to give up. I still tried to hold on and fool myself. Then I met this guy who wanted to court me and I fell for him. I informed my ex about this guy cause I was hoping that he’ll be jealous and will advise me to get rid of him. However, he didn’t do any of those. Right there and then, I realized that I wasn’t meant to be with any of them and the purpose of this new guy is just to make me realize that I have to let my ex go.

One day, I’ve finally had the courage to ask him what he really wants, and as expected, he wanted to break up with me.

I was so depressed back then and I always talk about what happened with anyone that would listen over and over again.

I saw my ex a few months after we broke up and he looked thin and depressed. I was thinking that it’s about me and I’ve tried to beg if we can be together again. He declined and said that he might be staying single for the rest of his life too (obviously, instead of being with me). I felt sorry for him and I’ve been blaming myself again. I was so depressed and wanted to die. The pain was so much for me to bear that I had difficulty waking up every day.

We also had domestic issues back then and I really can’t stand it and I was even praying for my own death.

Just around 2 months after we’ve met when my father died. I know then that I have to be strong and not to show any weaknesses especially to my mother. I have to support her and my siblings in any way I can. I still tried to write my plans though my heart was not in it. I stopped talking and thinking about my emotions and suddenly the pain also stopped. I just felt numbed.

I went back to school in 2013 and support myself in studying. Back then I was thinking that I’m doing it because I wanted to improve my life. Now, I can honestly say that I’ve been trying to make myself busy with a lot of things because I don’t want to have time to think about my feelings anymore. When I talk about myself with my friends, it seems like I was talking about a third person. That’s why I can’t manage to cry even on emotional conversations.

I still cry sometimes but it’s not because of sadness, it’s every time I get offended, annoyed or insulted. It seems like I already forgot how to love, care and hope. I just live my life because I have to. The only emotion that I always feel was anger.

I stopped being emotional and understanding even to those people who are in pain. I even hated them for being weak.

I’ve spent long hours working, reading, travelling, studying and not having enough rest. My body started to fail me then I ended up in bed being stuck and depressed. I’ve managed to learn the signs of my depression and tried my very best to fight it. I’ve learnt not to be in denial when the feeling of depression is there. However, being stressed for a long time affected my health and I easily get sick.

Good thing we had a lot of inspiring topic in our Church recently and my leave of absence at work gave me time to think things through. I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’m still in love with my ex and I was secretly hoping that we can still be together. However, I don’t want to feel that pain again. I started sending him messages though he’s not responding. I just want to let him know how I feel so that I can release all the burden that is in my heart. I’ve also learned how to forgive all those who offended and insulted me for the past few years.

I know forgetting is impossible for now, but with God’s help I will get there. I’m hoping that in due time God will give me a good a husband that will serve Him for the rest of his life. Of course, I have to focus now on my spiritual growth and learn the virtue of a good wife first (Proverbs 31:10-31).

Call Center Agent making money on PTC Sites

I’ve started joining PTC Sites way back 2010 but stopped since I don’t have my own computer. I’ve already lost my credentials on those sites so there’s no way for me to retrieve my old accounts. Now that I have my own laptop, I can start over again.

Mostly of the PTC sites that I’ve joined now were the old ones that I’ve also joined back then. That means that they’ve passed the test of time and that they really pay their users to last that long. Please see the list of the sites that I’ve joined here.

I’ve learned about PTC sites on my first job. I worked as a CSR for an online marketing campaign and at first I didn’t believe that it actually works.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs on how to make money online and I think viewing different websites is the easiest. You can also earn money by joining survey sites but I think that won’t work for me because to do that effectively one must be interested and focus on lots of things.

I think it will be better to have a dual monitor computer in working on PTC sites so at least you can browse multiple sites at the same time if you have multiple windows open and different tabs. It will be great if the internet connection is also fast. Currently, I’m using my Sun Cellular’s pocket WiFi. At times the connection is unreliable during peak hours but I’m planning to have Royal Cable’s internet connected in our house soon.

I’m still looking for other reliable PTC sites to join and some captcha sites (these sites need a fast internet connection). I’m also planning to buy a brand new CPU and connect dual monitors as mentioned above.

Change is coming….

I’ve been working on improving myself for almost 4 years now. Tried to study again, travel and had new friends. I admit that I wasn’t able to participate a lot on our Church events. I always attend our gatherings but not special events and other charity works.

I think that is the one that I have to focus on now that I was able to decide what are the things that I really wanted in life. It’s really difficult to live a life without understanding what a person really wants and that happened to me for quite a long time now without me noticing it.

I’ve been writing my plans and goals before and looking back I only accomplished a few of them. Maybe, it’s because it’s not what God wants me to do or those weren’t the true desires of my heart.

The early part of my adult life was a disaster. It was full of failures and disappointments. I was just glad that God was very patient on those times that I was very difficult and annoying.

I was so thankful that He blessed me with good friends and loving siblings (they’re annoying and difficult too but I’m sure that they love me so much) that accompanied me on those depressing moments.

Anyway, now that I was able to rest and feel better. I will start planning again and writing them down. Better to have everything documented, right?

As mentioned above (1) I will now try to participate in our special gatherings whenever it fits my schedule. (2) I will try to have new friends from the Church as well.

(3) When it comes to my job, I will do my best at work and will just wait for them to fire me instead of resigning. Hahaha… (4) I will also spend more time trying to make money online so that I’ll have enough budget on travelling. (5) I will also travel and try new adventures whenever possible.

(6) When it comes to studying, I will not rush. I might spend the rest of my life studying so there’s no need to rush.

I will also try to learn/master these things,

(7) Cook/Bake

(8) Swim/Dive

(9) Speak Spanish

(10) Computer Programming/Web Designing

(11) Sewing/Dress Making

(12) Dancing

(13) Playing Guitar

(14) Playing Keyboard

(15) Photo/Video Editing

As for my diet, (16) I will try to avoid eating meat, fatty foods and sweets. (17) I will also exercise more by running and biking.

That’s all for now. I don’t want to exaggerate things, so I’ll stop there cause it’s a lot already. I hope that God will help me with my plans. 😀

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My First Laptop


My laptop was bought last July 25, 2016 on the same shop in Gilmore where I bought my brother’s laptop last year. It’s the same type and can also be used in Auto-cad. The only difference is that mine has a webcam while my brother’s doesn’t.

I bought it for only 9,900 pesos which is 600 peso less than the cost of my brother’s laptop. Actually, I’ve just shown them my brother’s receipt and informed them that I want exactly the same. I’m planning to use this in freelancing and in learning IT and programming that’s why I really need a computer with high specs. Honestly, I don’t understand much about hardware stuffs but I’ll definitely study it and write a blog on new things that I’m learning.

For now, I’m too excited to learn how to use photoshop and master powerpoint presentations. I’ve also checked my online TESDA account and their slides work. I’m also satisfied with the speed of my Suncellular’s pocket wifi in my bedroom. It was slow on peak hours but then it exceeded my expectations because before the connection here in Laguna was really poor that I need to go outside or wait until 1 am just to have a better connection.

Air21 – Worst Courier I’ve Ever Encountered

Air21 – Worst Courier I’ve Ever Encountered

I’ve had my Security Bank credit card replaced and used my office address for the delivery. It was a disaster. I’ve called SB hotline and checked the status and was told that it was sent through FedEx. I’ve tried to use the tracking number that they provided and it didn’t work. I’ve posted a lot of tweets and sent an email and Security Bank responded on both.

They apologized and informed me that the courier was Air21. However, the tracking number that they provided wasn’t working. It turned out Air21 had a delay in posting the details. I was waiting for our HR to send me an email once Air21 arrived but didn’t receive any.  I got sick and wasn’t able to work for about a month and when I called SB (after sending email, tweeting and sending FB messages to Air21)they told me that Air21 will still try to send me my card though I missed it for about 2 weeks.

I’ve decided to just pick up the card and went to the nearest Air21 branch in our office (Market Market). There’s no one on the stall, just a message that they’ll be back soon (forgot the exact message). When the person in charge arrived, I’ve asked where they’re placing the documents that weren’t received by the consignee. I was told that it was in Merville and I need to call they’re hotline first. He has a landline there but didn’t even bother to call their hotline on my behalf.

I’ve tried to call their hotline and wasted 10 minutes in total and no one was answering my call. Since I’m using my cellphone I’ve finally decided to just go to their warehouse the next day.

The traffic going to Bicutan from Alabang was a nightmare. I’ve spent almost 3 hours from our house in Binan and when I get there the delivery truck already left. I’ve informed the lady guard that I’ll just be back the next day to pick up my credit card. I’ve had my follow-up checkup on the same day and since it was finished early I’ve decided to just go to the office and wait for the delivery. I was waiting from 2pm to 5pm and no one arrived. Since Merville is not out of my way home, I went there to get my card instead of waiting until the next day. My card was already at their warehouse and they didn’t want to give it to me because of their policy that the card needs to be delivered at our office. It’s a ridiculous process for me but I understood it when I’ve read another negative feedback about them.

I explained to the dispatcher that I’m on a sick leave and it’s illogical for me to go to the office in Taguig just to get my card while I’m already at their warehouse with 2 valid ID’s. I’ve also informed him that I and our receptionists waited for them and no one came. He said that their record shows that they went to our office around 4pm and I wasn’t there. I didn’t argue any further. I just told him to better educate their guard about their process since I’ve already informed them that I’ll be getting my card the following day. The dispatcher took my mobile number and the time that I’ll be available at our office. I was in a hurry to get my card since I was told that it will be the last attempt then they’ll return it to Security Bank.

I went to our office and double checked with our guard and receptionists about the Air21’s claim and they don’t have any logged and no one saw any mailman/delivery guy.


They’re also putting a Business Closed status though I work in a BPO and our company never closes. Anyway, I don’t have any plans of using this courier ever again if I’ll have other options.